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Fessel International is Uniquely Focused

Fessel International is a consulting company specifically dedicated to the restaurant industry and to the companies and individuals for whom excellent Food Service is a critical element of their success.

Our clients include restaurant chains and independents, attraction owners, commercial project developers, investment bankers, hotels, colleges and universities, cruise ships and private clubs.  We also assist food manufacturers, commercial lenders, advertising agencies and trade associations involved in providing products and services to the Food Service industry. Fessel also provides restaurant expert witness services.

We differ from many consulting companies in the composition of key staff and in the manner in which we have chosen to specialize.  We are all restaurant professionals.  We have walked many miles in your shoes in a diversity of Food Service functions for major companies.  Because of this collective experience base, we are able to provide a full range of consulting service functions targeted to the industry of Food Service that we know thoroughly from very practical perspectives.

One of the advantages of our specialized industry focus is that our clients do not have to pay for a learning curve phase in which we educate ourselves to the fundamentals and details of the restaurant business.

We can hit the ground running in making immediate
contributions toward your strategic business objectives.
The second significant advantage is that,
as a full service consulting entity,

we can cost effectively provide as broad or narrow a scope
of services as your situation requires.”

We can provide a critical piece to support your overall effort, but just as easily complete an integrated “big picture” assignment requiring a diversity of functional expertise that all ties back to profitable Food Service operations.

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