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Fessel International is A Full Service Resource

The staff of Fessel International comprises a team whose individual experiences and areas of functional expertise represent the full array of specialized skills necessary for the creation, development and ongoing management of a successful restaurant business.  The experience bases of our principals include backgrounds in the following areas of Food Service management:

Strategic Planning

Product Development
Human Resources

For assignments of the broadest scope, a multi-disciplinary team can be assembled on your behalf that represents all the various functions that must be considered and coordinated to ensure a complete and successful program.  For more narrowly focused projects, only the individuals providing the essential skills relevant to your situational needs will be assigned to your project team.  This allows you, as the client, to access (and pay for) only the levels and types of support that you require.

Many of our projects entail sophisticated information gathering and/or strategic research.  We are experienced users of all restaurant industry data sources and maintain extensive industry, category and specific chain information bases.  We have the experience to know which facts and information will be important to your business success.

We are comfortable operating in a very independent mode when the nature of the project calls for such an approach.  Some of our clients find us to be a very cost efficient way of accessing special expertise on an as-needed basis, without the full expense and commitments involved in hiring in-house staff specialists.  However, you will also find that the Fessel International staff works smoothly with your internal people as well as with other outside resource groups.  We can tremendously expand the capacities of your key people across a variety of functional areas during times of unusual work load demands.

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