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Fessel International is Truly International

Fessel International provides consulting services all over the world. Our staff has worked in over sixty countries around the world and we currently have projects underway throughout the United States, Europe, and the Pacific Rim Countries of Asia.

We have a staff of Food Service experts in each of our offices who are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the restaurant industry.  Our staffs are intimately familiar with the business practices and major participants in the industry across the countries we serve.  We know the individual consumer markets and cultural variables that represent unusual circumstances and require special business adaptations unique to the various countries and regions.  In addition to the permanent staffs in each of our offices, we maintain an international network of local professional service specialists and Food Service association contacts.

Fessel International offices are located in Costa Mesa, California, and Orlando, Florida to provide coast to coast coverage for projects in the United States.  In Tokyo, Fessel International's affiliated company is Thomas and Chikaraishi Inc., Japan's most prominent hospitality management consultants and operator of that country's only restaurant and hospitality training institute.

Fessel International is the Right Firm to Serve You

We sincerely believe that either now, or at some point in the future, Fessel International is going to be your best possible resource for programs that will optimize your strategies and operations for maximum profits.  If you are committed to a program that demands top quality professionals, call us.  We have the team that can complete your assignment quickly, affordably and successfully.  We will be pleased to review our specific capabilities including related project experiences.

The services of Fessel International can be accessed through several payment methods.  Most projects are ideally contracted on the basis of a formal proposal that will describe specific objectives, work methods, timing and costs.  Such a proposal can generally be prepared within a few working days and be submitted for your approval without cost or obligation.  However, most of our services can also be contracted through a retainer agreement or on a time and billing basis if your needs are better served under these types of relationships.

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