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Brand Concept Development And Analysis

Brand placement in the noncommercial market is a recent trend and is still experiencing growing pains.  There are a number of issues in brand selection and placement that, if not effectively addressed, can lead to disastrous results.

Brand Concept Development Analysis (BCDA) is Fessel International's exclusive process for Non­commercial Food Service development.  It is designed to put you in control of the "branding" trend by providing you with a strategic plan for the introduction of commercial Food Service operations.

Brand Concept Development Analysis (BCDA) is designed to answer for you:

  • How Can I Maximize My Full Market Potential With Brands?
  • License Versus Franchise Agreements
  • Who Should Operate a Brand, You or the Brand Operator?
  • What Brand Mix Should I Have?
  • How Do I Get the Best Deal?
  • What Is My Growth and Profit Potential?
  • What Effect Will My Decision Have On Current Business?
  • What Steps Should I Follow In Developing a Brand Strategy?
  • How Will Branding Improve Financial Performance?
  • How Do I Determine and Interpret My Customers’ Brand Preferences?

Fessel International will conduct a complete Analysis of your Food Service needs including:  Market Analysis, Customer Preference Surveys, Financial Performance Analysis, Eating and Traffic Patterns, Capture Rates and Facility Design Review.  Within a few weeks, we present to you our Top Line findings that outline your department's opportunities for improving financial performance and customer satisfaction.

The second phase involves the development of a detailed Master Plan that lays out an Implementation Strategy for Branding.  The Master Plan provides guidelines for Brand Development with a detailed Market Potential Study, Financial and Cost Benefit Analysis, Transaction Requirements, Suggested Products, Self Operating vs. Leasing and suggests brand companies requested by your customers.  Fessel International's consultants also conduct preliminary discussions with Brands to determine inter­est and fit.

The length of a Brand Concept Development Analysis will vary according to the size and scope of each project.  Fessel International will provide you with a complete project outline and timetable based on your needs.

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