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RFP Fulfillment Procedure

RFP Document
Submit document at least five weeks before due date.  Shorter time frames may be accommodated with prior discussion and agreement.

Point Person
Submit point person in the organization with whom we will interface during the preparation.

Contact Persons
Submit names of functional department persons from whom we may need to gather information:

  • Marketing
  • Architectural
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Health And Sanitation

Preparation Phase
Within five days, Fessel International shall submit a list of information needed to functional department persons for completion of the document.  A copy of these requests will be sent to the point person for their follow-up.  This documentation should be returned to Fessel International within one week prior to the preparation of the RFP response.

Document Draft
A draft copy of the document will be provided to the point person one week or longer before its due date.  Necessary changes will be provided within 48 hours of receipt of the draft copy of the RFP Response.

Final Copy
Following corrections, the RFP response document will be produced in quantities required and expe­dited to the office responsible for the RFP.

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