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Restaurant Litigation Support Services

The specialized knowledge of industry standards and trends make the professionals of Fessel International uniquely qualified to provide litigation support to all types of restaurant industry clients. With our years of industry experience, we are able to provide insight, guidance, opinions, testimony and reports that will aid in solving, resolving or settling the matter efficiently and effectively.

Our work will include:

  • Counsel orientation to the hospitality industry
  • Pre-trial research & investigatory analysis
  • Evaluation of opponent position
  • Support for damages estimation
  • Operational perspective on all Restaurant issues
  • Expert Witness Analysis & Testimony

Our goal is to help our clients win or positively resolve cases. We have experienced success on a variety of issues relation to the restaurant industry with depositions and court testimony. Some of these recent cases are:

  • Restaurant parking issues
    Case Result: Multiple cases in State and Federal Courts, clients won all
  • Employee contract dispute
    Case Result: Owner/Client won
  • Trade Dress Infringement
    Case Result: Multiple cases, clients won
  • Disruption of business
    Case Result: City client, award greatly diminished
  • Lease exclusivity violation
    Case Result: Client Won
  • Mismanagement Charges
    Case Result: Management client won

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