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Marketing Program Development

Fessel International assists restaurant companies, both independents and chains, in the development of marketing strategies and programs.

Grand Openings Sponsorships
In-restaurant Merchandising Promotions
Strategic Repositioning Themed Events
New product Introductions Communication Media Strategies
Direct Mail Programs  

Many of our clients are large enough to have retained the ongoing support of an advertising agency and in those circumstances we work cooperatively with the agency as an effective strategic complement to their abilities in the areas of copy, production and media.

Others among our client base, because of company size or internalized staff service groups, carry out their marketing activities without benefit of an outside agency.  For these clients, our marketing services can include assistance with program implementation as well as development.  We can also provide referrals to advertising service specialists or assist you in structuring an agency review or selection process.

Our potential contributions to your marketing efforts occur principally in the identification of high opportunity marketing strategies and in the conceptual development of concrete programs.  We work with you to determine what types of marketing efforts will substantially increase the sales and profits of your operations well in excess of the costs of the programs.

In a typical assignment, we will answer the questions that will prove crucial to the success or failure of your marketing activities:

  • Can you afford to market your business?  Can you afford not to?
  • Where do your strongest potentials for sales improvements lie?
  • What are your unique strengths relative to competitors on which your marketing messages should focus?
  • How can you affordably increase awareness of your restaurant(s)?
  • How can you most effectively generate initial trial and convert the greatest number of users into regular customers?
  • What should be your principal audience for your marketing efforts and to which special segments of the overall consumer market should you target specific programs?
  • What media are and are not practical for your utilization?
  • What locational factors contribute to the performance of your more successful units?
From the answers, we then work with you to develop the objectives, budgets and specific programs.

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