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Brand Development For Alternative Distribution

The Fessel International noncommercial team will assist you in positioning your company's products for the growing noncommercial market.  Noncommercial Food Service operators are increas­ingly turning to established branded products to improve service and profits.  The following list repre­sents the hottest prospects for Alternative Distribution:

  1. College / University
  2. Business and Industry
  3. School Lunch Programs
  4. Hospitals
  5. State and National Parks
  6. Corrections
  7. Supermarkets
  8. Convenience Stores

As a leader in Noncommercial Food Service planning, we understand the dynamics and methodology necessary for successful market entry.  Our broad experience in the hospitality industry will provide you the expertise necessary to adapt your Products and Marketing Plan for the noncommercial market.  Fessel International's Alternative Distribution program provides services such as:

  1. Measuring Growth Potential by Market Segment
  2. Developing Market Entry Strategies
  3. Menu and Product Design
  4. Facility and System Design
  5. Franchise and Licensing Agreement Adaptation
  6. Promulgation in Noncommercial Market Media
  7. Fast Tracking, Introductions to Decision Makers

Our team of noncommercial branding and design experts will assist you in refocusing your offering to this new market.

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