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Master Plans For Food Service 

Fessel International has completed a number of Food Service Master Plans for major development projects.  On projects of this type, we are able to provide restaurant expertise across a range of functional areas to developers for whom well planned Food Service operations rep­resent an important component of a larger, multiple use project.  We have recently prepared Master Food Service Plans for a variety of business environments that have included:

  • Major Regional Malls
  • Theme Parks
  • Tourist Aquarium
  • Airport Terminals
  • Public Attractions
  • Urban Mixed Use Developments
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Major Business and Industry Operations
  • Hotel-Casinos

The scope of these projects has ranged from concept development and design of a single Food and Beverage operation to a project that includes over 60 individual restaurant operations under one roof.

Our contributions in the area of master planning typically begin with a thorough market analysis and calculation of overall capacity requirements and progress through the allocation of that capacity across various food types, service modes and price ranges.  We address the functions and character of the overall business environment as well as the needs of the consumer base to be served.  Our conceptual recommendations will strike an appropriate balance between reflecting the ethnic and culinary charac­ter of the area and providing unique interest values that will stimulate patronage by local residents.

When desired, we will create and detail unique restaurant concepts to be operated by the developer or under management contract.  In other settings, we will identify an optimized tenant mix to be used as a target-leasing plan to bring in established operators.  Under either format, a Fessel International Master Food Service Plan will ideally situate the restaurants within the larger project.

Even beyond the specification of concepts, facility and operating plans, we can provide guidelines related to all manner of support services from delivery, storage and trash removal considerations through pertinent regulatory issues and the development of grand opening and special event marketing programs.

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