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Menu & Product Development

More than any other single element of the business, our staff understands food.  It's the common denominator that links all of our individual experience bases.  Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the menu variety and specific products of our clients are the focus of so much of our work.  Our capabili­ties in the menu and product development area include the follow­ing types of assignments:

Creation of New Concept Menus Pricing Analysis & Strategy
Strategic Menu Analysis Consumer Research On Products
Menu Expansion/Repositioning Competitor Product Studies
Development Daypart Programs New Product Marketing Programs
Value Engineering Food Cost Reduction Plans
New Product Test Kitchen Work Development Of R&D Systems

Fessel International assists our clients in the menu and product areas at several levels.  We develop entire menus for new concepts.   We work with operators to revise or expand menu offerings in fulfill­ment of strategic business goals.   These goals may relate to improved daypart utilization, customer base expansion, improved occasion appropriateness, frequency building and/or increases in the average check.  We also do product improvement and value engineering programs.

In all of our menu and product work, we operate on the principles of being both industry-wise and consumer-driven.  New product introductions have been one of the most effective business building strategies in the restaurant industry.

For all the success stories related to menu expansion and new products, there appears to be an equal number of failure stories of restaurants and/or chains that have lost sight of their original success formulas.  Our consulting approach assists clients in making business improvements without making false steps.

Our orientation to menu development emphasizes the objectives of quality, consistency, simplicity and profitability.  Toward these ends we apply creativity as well as discipline to the process of planning, development, testing and implementation of new menu items.

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