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Training & Communications

Fessel International training programs are communication programs.  They are designed to meet your strategic objectives and enhance your corporate culture, as well as improve the skills and attitude of your employees.

Our programs have a solid foundation in training manuals, train-the-trainer sessions and structured timetables for training.  The effective use of these tools is what differentiates our training from others.

We bring training materials to life by introducing daily training and communications into your opera­tions.

Fessel International's Permanent Instruction program is designed to provide you with a full training concept for your operations.  We can also analyze your current training system and add the supple­mental components required, bringing your training to life.

Some of the components we can provide are:

  • Complete Training Manuals
  • Personnel and Administrative Manuals
  • Organizational Planning
  • Training Concepts
  • Permanent Instruction Program

essel International's Training and Communication programs are specially designed by restaurant and hotel professionals.  They consider all working aspects of the business when custom designing programs that will bring higher standards of excellence to your operations.

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