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Operational Analysis

Fessel International provides an in-depth method of analyzing your operation.  We have developed a proven program of guidelines which probe into all areas of your business.  We consider your custom­ers, your employees, and all working systems in your operations and report back to you in detail on each aspect.  Among the areas we will cover will be:

  • Service Systems
  • Recipes & Food Presentation
  • Menu Variety
  • Marketing Programs
  • Purchasing & Receiving
  • Financial Controls
  • Employee Motivation
  • Restaurant Positioning
  • Seating Efficiency
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Daypart Optimization
  • Management Skills

When we complete our work, you will fully know the current status of your operation and have achiev­able plans for improvement in all critical areas.

Through our consumer research programs, we can also ascertain the current position of your restaurant through the eyes of your customers and potential customers.  Our inside-out and outside-in approaches will yield an aggressive, goal-oriented path toward excellence.

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