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Site Selection Systems

Fessel International can assist you in establishing a formalized system of expansion planning and site screening.  If your company is an established chain, we can prepare a statistically based model of loca­tion specific sales potential.  In this process we will evaluate the following:

  • What locational factors contribute to the performance of your more successful units?
  • How can your development staff quickly and inexpensively identify new sites with an extremely high likelihood of generating sales comparable to your best existing operations?
  • How can you recognize the danger signals and avoid (in the future) those sites which share the crucial characteristics of your problem units?

On a market level, we can help you address such issues as which new markets offer the highest poten­tial for your concept and how to distribute multiple locations within a market to capture maximum sales and efficiencies.

We can also provide counsel regarding non-traditional locational possibilities that can increase your market penetration and provide unusually strong visibility and leverage to your overall operations.

For independent restaurant operators or emerging chains, Fessel International can provide expert coun­sel on site selection and market development.  Even though you may not yet have the base of existing units from which to construct your own statistical business model, we can advise you of key indicators of success and potential failure.

Through the use of Fessel International techniques, you can dramatically reduce the risk of committing to a potential problem location.  This is especially critical during the early stages of company expan­sion when a single, costly location mistake can be least tolerated.

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