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Marketing Research Studies

Fessel International specializes in all aspects of restaurant marketing research consultation.  The value to you is in helping you to identify and carry out the right research activities as part of a strategic program to accomplish your objectives without expert guidance.  We can assist you in any of the following areas:

Service Systems Consumer Behavior
New Concepts Consumer Attitudes
Feasibility Studies Productivity & Service Studies
Industry Information Reviews Advertising & Promotion Testing
Menu Development Media
New Products Design Evaluation
Pricing Site Selection Models
Sales Analysis Competitive Positioning
Source of Business Surveys Brand Mapping
Shopper's Survey Programs Unique Issues

Good research will tell you things that you do not already know and will lead to concrete recom­men­dations on what to do differently based on the information developed in order to improve your busi­ness.  The philosophy of actionability has to be built into the research project from the very beginning.  The project leader must thoroughly understand both the science of marketing research and the business of Food Service.

This represents the unique aspect of our services in the area of research studies.  We do the study design, questionnaires, methodology development, analysis plan and recommendations to make sure your research expenditures produce actionable, relevant information.

Fessel International is equally adept in both quantitative (survey) research and qualitative (focus group/ in-depth) studies.  We have an extensive national and international network of top quality suppliers providing executional services including interviewing, coding, data entry, tabulation and recruitment of focus groups.  We are experienced users of all restaurant industry data sources and maintain extensive databases of our own.

Most of our assignments are for restaurant companies seeking improvements in sales and profits through new concepts, new programs and/or new products.  Our clients may also use us to develop their on-going systems of Marketing Research and Product Development.

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