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Vending Services

Fessel International provides complete evaluation services for our clients.  We have developed an exclusive, comprehensive Vending Evaluation program providing our clients with detailed recommen­dations on improving their automatic merchandising program.  Among the areas we cover in an evaluation are:

  • Service Performance
  • Maintenance Program
  • Communications
  • Vendor Supervision and Management Support
  • Refund System
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Menu and Merchandising
  • Pricing Structure
  • Vendor Accountability
  • Vending Revenue and Sales Analysis
  • RFP Administration (Where Applicable)

Upon submission and review of our Vending Evaluation report, you will have a comprehensive summary of our findings and recommendations for improvements.

Our services also include development of Request For Proposal documents where the client is ready to seek competitive bids.  We have improved the quality of the Vending program for clients and the revenue derived from the Vending services through the proper development and administration of the RFP.

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