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Confidential Strategic Business Audits

Fessel International's strategic audit is a methodical approach to business analysis and plan­ning.  Within two weeks, during which the owner/manager will have to be involved less than 15 hours, the Fessel International professionals will:

  1. Thoroughly review your restaurant during an on-site visit
  2. Analyze all financial information against industry norms, noting trends and areas of opportunity
  3. Provide a detailed review of your programs and procedures in the areas of:
    Menu Controls
    Marketing & Positioning Training
    Pricing Purchasing
    Efficiency Administration
    Staffing Facility

This analysis will be followed by a strategy session with yourself and those members of your staff that you designate.  This session is best when a minimum of four client participants are involved.  It will be a dynamic, thought-provoking workshop that will result in your strate­gic goals for the year.

Your goals will be formalized into a workplan detailing responsibilities, timetables and the financial objectives of each goal.

When Fessel International has completed its work, you will have:

  1. A list of prime opportunities within your operation
  2. Solid objectives for business improvement, growth and cost control
  3. A plan for achievement of your new goals, including the responsible parties for each

In other words, you will have a plan for higher standards of excellence and greater profits.

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