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International Development

Fessel International is an ideal resource for business studies related to international expan­sion.  Many Food Service companies are now looking to foreign countries as major markets for potential expan­sion.

The open economy of Mexico, substantial markets in many Pacific Rim countries, the economic unifi­cation activities of the European community, and the emergence of Eastern European countries from socialist state domination are making these areas of the world all interesting targets for development.  However, the costs of entry to any one or more of these newly emerging markets can be exceptionally high for companies without an established local base of resources.

Because of our long-standing base of operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, Fessel Interna­tional is ideally positioned to assist you in market analysis, consumer research, busi­ness planning and actual development of foreign markets.  We have extensive sources for the key information you will need to evaluate and plan your international strategies.  We have the ability to carry out your project with a disciplined "Americanized" approach to research and planning, together with experienced sensi­tivity to unique market characteristics.

Among the types of services we can offer you:

  • Reviews of political and legal restrictions related to foreign investment and operational practices
  • Delineation of business cost differentials
  • Industry market structures
  • Sourcing of joint venture/acquisition candidates
  • Analyses of the labor markets
  • Strategic analysis of the consumer market in terms of composition, purchase behaviors and attitudes
  • Custom research pertaining to the viability of your specific concept and the identification of required modifications in order to accommodate local cultural habits and biases

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