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Concept Development & Design

Concept Development and Design at Fessel International are both creative processes and methodical programs of events that will yield the best product possible.  Our team has created hundreds of restaurants using this approach.

Our brainstorming sessions probe every avenue to produce their highest level of experience for your guests.  We then integrate these elements into:

  • Site Selection
  • Design
  • Functional Layouts
  • Menu & Recipes
  • Graphic Design
  • Training Materials
  • Management Systems
  • Business Plans

We handle each of these areas with a systematic approach, which yields the best concept from a guest experience standpoint as well as obtaining optimum business viability.

Each phase of our concept development can be pre-tested with potential customers.  Our marketing research will assist in refining the concept to ensure that the best end product is achieved.

A Fessel International concept is a creative product anchored in sound business principles.

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